2003-08-20: version 1.2 released, in RPMs and tar.gz, fixing compilation with GCC 3.

What is it?

Medoosa is a documentation tool for C++ that can produce UML class diagrams including generalizations and associations. Corrections can be made interactively in a diagram editor (Dia) and are fed back into the source as Javadoc-style comments. At this time, the layout must still be done by hand. Some code is already present to produce the layout with Graphviz.

Medoosa is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

I wrote Medoosa for my master's thesis at the Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Software Engineering). The text of the thesis and attached diagrams can be downloaded in PostScript:

The Graphviz experiments produce examples like this.


You will need both Medoosa and CcDoc from the project file area.

CcDoc is a Javadoc-like documentation tool by Joe Linoff. Medoosa uses its older version, 0.7a, enhanced to output in XML, as a parser.

Other requirements

(4XSLT is no longer required.)


Simply install the RPMs, the tedious process described in Appendix A.2 of the thesis is no longer necessary.


As a demonstration, the Nachos sources were processed with Medoosa. You can compare:


There is a mailing list about Medoosa. See also the standard SourceForge project summary.

Martin Vidner, $Date: 2003/08/20 15:58:37 $

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